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Herbal remedies that are imported from Poland are based on all-natural ingredients. Some may contain a percentage of alcohol, and are therefore are not suitable for children or pregnant women. Please, read carefully any and all warnings on the back of the box (or included flyer) and consult a physician before using.

Please remember, that any claim as to the effectiveness of a particular product, come from the manufacturer.

Here is the list of disease and herbal remedies that may be helpful:
• Digestive System, Liver Problems
• Urinary Tract Infections, Diuretics, Kidney Stones
• Flu, Cold, Respiratory Tract Infections
• Arthritis, Skin Inflammations
• Stress, General Nervousness
• Oral Infections and Inflammations
• Dietary Supplements
• Herbal Teas

We hope you’ll find what you were looking for. Please visit us and use our expertise to find the right product just for you!
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